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Bret Harte Teacher to Be Celebrated

  • Bret Harte
Bret Harte Teacher to Be Celebrated

Janette Johnson may not be someone who seeks out the spotlight. But as one of


18 Alameda County Teachers of the Year, it's hard to avoid. Ms. Johnson, who has taught at Bret Harte Middle School for 18 years, will be celebrated at an award ceremony this Thursday. Last week, county and HUSD VIP's--including Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Alysse Castro and HUSD Superintendent Jason Reimann--visited her classroom to offer their congratulations.

This Thursday's ceremony is the Alameda County Office of Education's opportunity to recognize extraordinary dedication and commitment, educational innovation, and student learning. This year’s program includes guest speaker California State Assemblymember Mia Bontavideo tributes, student performances and the honoring of two remarkable educators as the Alameda County Teachers of the Year, chosen from this year’s 18 district honorees

Ms. Johnson is currently the department chair of English Language Arts. She helped create and pilot the first middle school Puente Project Program. She works with the statewide Puente Project to learn and develop curriculum around language, identity, linguistic justice, and the challenges of A.I. in education. Her teaching philosophy is that great educators must continue to adapt, change, learn, and grow with their students' academic and social needs.

“Everyday is different. Every year I can change up what I teach and how I teach it. It’s the most fun job. I have zero regrets for switching careers and choosing this one.”