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Board Statement Regarding Trustee Remarks

Board Statement Regarding Trustee Remarks

Dear HUSD Community,

At our last Board of Education meeting, Trustee Joe Ramos directed an offensive and  incendiary comment toward an HUSD staff member who was making a presentation. In the strongest terms, our Board members join in condemning this unprovoked and uncalled-for verbal attack. 

Hostile language and disrespectful behavior conflict with the values we hold as a Board and as an organization, and they have no place in our public discourse. The HUSD community—Board members, staff members, parents—all share the same goal of supporting our student scholars in reaching their fullest potential. Although we may sometimes disagree on the paths to achieve that goal, we expect our differences to be communicated through a lens of professionalism, respect, and collegiality.

Encouraging violence against members of our community, particularly using language that evokes racial violence, crosses every line of acceptable behavior. We cannot allow anyone at our public Board meetings to be demeaned or attacked in this manner.

As public servants dedicated to the well-being of children, it is incumbent upon us to model the behaviors that we want to see in them and our community. When students, families, District employees, and others observe toxic and threatening language at our meetings, it normalizes it as acceptable. We will not allow that to happen.

The District is formally investigating the incident and may take action, if deemed appropriate. In the meantime, we look forward to continuing to support our staff, students, and community as we work together to provide an outstanding education to all the students in the Hayward Unified School District.


Peter Bufete, Board President
Sara Prada, Board Vice President
April Oquenda, Board Clerk
Ken Rawdon, Board Trustee