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Employee Wellness

May and June Classes








Family Communication


Overview:   It’s not always easy for families to communicate well. Misunderstandings can develop in even the closest families, especially if parents fall back on unhealthy patterns that they learned when they were growing up. This program discusses the dynamics of communication within a family, and how to improve family interactions.


Heart Health


Overview:    Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. CHD is caused by a narrowing of the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart, which often results in a heart attack. Fortunately, everyone can take steps to protect their heart and their life — or a loved one’s. This workshop will focus on preventing and treating CHD.


Enhancing Resilience During Change


Overview:    Change is an essential part of life. Change drives us, challenges us, and keeps us moving toward new goals. Even when change is painful or traumatic, we can learn to move beyond crisis and disappointment and make our lives better. This workshop discusses the change process and how we can enhance our personal resilience, thereby turning challenges into opportunities for growth and learning.


Enhancing Wellness Through Resilience and Work life Balance


Overview:   Establishing wellness depends on maintaining a healthy balance between work and life – which is rarely easy in our fast-paced world. Regularly giving in to work demands can compromise our personal lives. Conversely, the emotional fallout of personal or relationship problems can make it difficult to give our best at work. This workshop offers effective strategies for striking a healthy work-life balance.


Introduction to Diabetes


Overview:   In the last 20 years, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes has more than tripled. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30.3 million Americans — 9.4 percent of the U.S. population — have diabetes, and another 84.1 million have prediabetes.  These statistics are striking because of the serious short- and long-term health implications. Currently, there is no cure for diabetes; therefore, it is important to obtain accurate information about the disease and learn the key steps to maintain the best possible health. This program covers the basics of diabetes and explains common types, risk factors, and testing, as well as reviews lifestyle tips which can prevent and/or delay the onset of the disease.


Creating a Respectful & Professional Work Environment


Overview:   A positive, respectful work environment is critical to job performance, satisfaction, and well-being.  Managers and supervisors are role models who set the tone and show employees which behavior and communication styles are and are not acceptable.  This workshop addresses the manager’s need to set work group expectations and maintain employee accountability for respectful, professional, and productive workplace behaviors.







Job Search Strategies


Overview:   During sluggish times, job seekers may be concerned about facing a long and difficult job search, but treating the task like a business can help. This workshop shows participants how to increase their chance of success by understanding where to look for opportunities (when they are harder to come by) and how to create a personal marketing strategy that can set them apart from the competition.


Workplace Violence Prevention (M/S)


Overview:   Workplace safety has become a major concern for management and employees. While workplace violence is less common than is popularly believed, disruptions and threats must be taken seriously.  Early intervention helps prevent more serious acts.  In this workshop, managers and supervisors will learn about common behaviors associated with workplace violence, how to reduce the risk of violence in the workplace, and strategies for defusing potentially violent situations.


Workplace Communication in the Culturally Diverse Workplace


Overview:   Culturally diverse teams are common today. Different communication styles are shaped by cultural values, language proficiency, worldviews, and norms. These factors can be potential sources of misunderstanding and frustration, impeding the development of trusting relationships and team cohesion. We can reduce cultural barriers and strengthen the effectiveness of our teams by being curious, seeking to understand differences, and being aware of different styles of communication. By enhancing awareness, we can contribute towards a work environment that is both enjoyable and inclusive.


Understanding Your Personal Work Style


Overview:   Each of us has developed certain patterns of behavior – distinct ways of thinking, feeling, and acting.  Within the work environment, these behavioral patterns tend to fall into certain work style categories.  Using the Work Style Inventory, you will develop an awareness of your own behavior tendencies and work style as well as those of others. In this workshop, participants will learn strategies to communicate and interact with others for maximum productivity and harmony in the work environment.


Managing Your Responses During Challenging Customer Interactions


Overview:   This workshop examines the different types of challenging customer exchanges you may have in performing your daily job responsibilities. Techniques to enhance your customer service skills will be explored, as well as ways to develop strategies to manage your responses to challenging customer interactions in healthy and positive ways.


Working Together Inclusion Matters


Overview:   Workplace inclusion reflects having diverse perspectives and experiences, and valuing, respecting and supporting cultures. It’s about ensuring the right conditions are in place for each person to pursue their full professional potential.  Inclusion puts the concept and practice of diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect, and connection. Organizations need to focus on both diversity and inclusion to be successful.

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2/8/2023 Humor for the Health of It 530-630      
2/15/2023 Creating a Positive Attitude 530-730     
2/16/2023 When in Doubt Veg Out! 530-630     
2/22/2023 Suicide Awareness & Prevention 530-730      
2/23/2023 Practical Guide to Managing Your Weight 530-630   
2/27/2023 Stop Taking Things Personally - repeat - may be no charge for hours 530-730    
2/28/2023 Creating A Positive Work Environment 530-730