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Cabling Infrastructure


Year 15 E-Rate, 2012-2013


Please refer to the eligibility requirements. In order to qualify, prospective vendors are required to attend a site walk through, where further details as to the scope and requirements of this project will be given. There will be Cabling for each of the approximately seven school sites, including, but not limited to, cabling for wireless access points.   The walk throughs for all schools will be at 24400 Amador Street, Hayward CA 94544 on January  27th, 2012 and will begin at  10:00AM.

Project scope details and specifications will be provided at the scheduled MANDATORY Project walk-through. General Scope: There will be cabling at approximately seven school sites, and will inclulde cabling (cat 6), rework of existing data cabinets, and cabling for wireless access points. It will range from 30 to approxoimately 180 drops per school site.  

At the time of the walkthrough all vendors must provide the following:

  • E-Rate SPIN number
  • CMAS number
  • Three K-12 Reference contacts

   Note: All materials will be made available at this time above.

 Attendance for duration of meeting is mandatory and each prime contractor bidder (hereinafter referred to as “Bidder” or “Bidders”) shall be required to certify, as part of its Proposal Form, that it attended the entirety of the Pre-Bid Conference.  Notes:

* The District is an equal opportunity employer.

 * The successful Bidder shall be required to pay its Workers on this Project a sum not less than the general prevailing rate (applicable at time of bid advertisement date) of per diem wages and not less than the general prevailing rate for holiday and overtime Work for Work of a similar character in the locality in which the Project is performed, as provided under California Labor Code Section 1726-1861 et seq.. The selected vendor may be required to prove they have complied with prevailing wages. 

* The governing board of the District reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any irregularity in any proposals received.

The bidder shall possess at the time the bid is awarded the following classification(s) of Contractor's California State License: C-7 for those that are providing cabling.


The district will work with the final selected vendor to fund the project, but the vendor will be required to work in conjunction with the district on funding. The district will not provide any funds up front, the selected vendor must utilize the SPI (Service Provider Invoice) method for getting their funds. The district will only pay their matching amount as specified by FCC/E-rate rules. .

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Additional Details will be provided at the mandatory walkthrough on January 25th 2011, 10:00 a.m,   as noted above.

Note: Quotes will be due on February 22nd, at 1:00 P.M.