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Campus Portal for Parents and Students

Step 1. Please complete and return Portal Applications to your student's school if you have not already done so. Please list all of your current students on one form.


Please include your current email address on your Portal Form so we can email your information to you as quickly as possible.


Step 2. The District will send you an email with a link to create your username and password.


Step 3. Follow the directions in the PDF attached to the email to setup your Recovery Email address.


Thank you!

Troubleshooting the Mobile App

Campus Portal Information

The HUSD Campus Portal is open


Waiting for your Login Information? Please check your email account for your Portal Activation Information.

Attention Parents and Guardians: If you already have a Portal account, you will not receive another email from the Portal Help Team. At this time, we are only sending emails for initial account creation with the Portal activation link. Thank you!

Emails are sent from:


The Subject Line Reads: HUSD Portal Account Activation Information


Emails are sent every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday when school is in session on the Traditional Calendar


The first email for the 2017-18 school year was sent on August 30.


Don't forget to check your Spam or Junk folders!


If you do not receive an email from PortalHelp, please check with the School where you turned in your application.  School Sites are responsible for processing Portal Applications and the District Office sends the emails.  The District Office does not accept nor process the applications.


Again, if you already have a Portal account, you will not receive another email from the Portal Help Team with your Portal Activation link.


Registered Parent and Student Portal Users

Campus Portal: Account Management


Campus Portal: Family


Click Here to log into the Portal

Parent Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy

Aplicación y Acuerdo de Uso Aceptable

Student Google Apps Acceptable Use and Signature Sheets

Infinite Campus Mobile App for iOS Devices


Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App for Android Devices


Campus Portal: Student