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Business Services

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

Allan Garde

(p) 510-784-2680



Senior Executive Assistant

Lisa Cote

(p) 510-784-2680

Business Services


The Business Services Department includes:

Accounting, Accounts Payable, Budget, Payroll, Purchasing, Risk Management, Facilities, Maintenance&Operations, Grounds, Custodial, Security, Transportation,and Child Nutrition

Education Protection Act

1/28/19 11:11 AM
12/26/17 9:04 AM
12/26/17 9:02 AM
12/26/17 9:03 AM
12/26/17 9:06 AM
12/26/17 9:04 AM

Proposition 30 was approved by the voters of California on November 6, 2012.  Proposition 55 was approved by the voters on November 8, 2016.  The Proposition provides that all K-14 local agencies have the sole authority to determine how the funds received from the Education Protection Account (EPA) are spent, but with the following provisions:

  1. The spending plan must be approved by the governing board during a public meeting
  2. EPA funds cannot be used for the salaries or benefits of administrators or any other administrative costs
  3. Each year, the local agency must publish on its website an accounting of how much money was received from the EPA and how the funds were expended


2017-18 EPA Board Resolution

2017-18 EPA Sources and Uses Report - First Qtr


2016-17 EPA Board Resolution

2016-17 EPA Sources and Uses Report  - Fourth Qtr



Contact Jenn McGriff at to setup an appointment.


Residential Rate - $ 2.97 per square foot

Commercial Rate - $ 0.47 per square foot

Rental Self Storage - $ 0.08 per square foot

Budget and Financial Reports

Business Forms

2020 Request for Mileage & Expense Reimbursement Form Effective 1-1-2020         

2020 Travel & Conference Expense Form Effective 1-1-2020                                                      

Travel & Conference Pre-Authorization Form   


Proof of Collection Form                                           

Deposit Procedures                                                   

Petty Cash Voucher Form                                         

Report of Material/Service Received