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HUSD Solar Projects Completed!
Posted 12/5/21


As a cost-saving measure to relieve the constrained General Fund budget, in 2017 the HUSD Board of Education expressed interest in solar energy. The implementation of solar provides immediate relief from paying PG&E, which results in allowing us to invest our limited funds inside the classroom to support students.


Implementation of solar for the District was separated into multiple phases with a large portion of the work occurring during the Summer of 2019. Some adjustments were needed as work began to better meet the needs of the school community and respond to unforeseen conditions.  


Each installation took into consideration the unique features of the campus. Most of the solar arrays are installed as shade structures for fields, playgrounds, or parking lots. Some are mounted on rooftops, and a few are mounted on the ground inside fenced enclosures due to specific safety requirements.


November 2021 Update

With the installation of the solar arrays at Mt. Eden High School, the districtwide project will soon be completed.  Solar has been installed at twenty-nine school sites including at the District Office parking lot and the maintenance yard. The District has been realizing savings since the first array was activated and where parking lot shade structures are present, staff have had access to free vehicle charging stations.


Looking Into the Future

The budgeted savings for 2019/20 was $2M and over the 25-year life span, is expected to save $4M annually. A proper cleaning, maintenance, and verification program are in place to protect the investments made by the community. The community can see solar energy generation in real-time at any of the sites through ENVI, the solar energy generation dashboard provided by Engie Services U.S., the company that installed solar throughout the District. Educational opportunities, such as professional development, STEAM Instructional Materials & Programs, and more, teachers have opportunities to connect curriculum to the actual solar projects throughout the district.