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Global Supply-Chain Issues Impact Measure H Projects
Posted 10/14/21

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant and ongoing impact on all of us for far too long.


Mask mandates, stay-at-home orders, supply-chain issues, and the immeasurable negative effects of the virus itself have weighed heavily on all of us individually, as well as on our families and communities. This year's bond projects were not an exception to these impacts. 


As many of you recall, the stay-at-home orders initially proved to be helpful to keeping our bond program on track as it freed up the workforce needed for the projects deemed necessary during those periods, which fortunately included public school public work-related projects. As a result, the projects the district had scheduled for last summer, in 2020, came in on time and under budget thanks to aggressive bids and the availability of skilled labor. 


However, as we moved into this year’s summer's projects, the same supply-chain slowdowns that we have been experiencing in our own lives have now become an issue for HUSD's current projects. These supply-chain slowdowns have a number of contributing factors, which all link directly back to COVID-19 and its lingering effects. For example, the combination of stay-at-home orders has limited the availability of construction project parts and supplies. Many manufacturers are not able to transition their factory-based processes to work-at-home models (as on-site machinery isn't possible to relocate). This inability to manufacture products due to the lack of on-site workforce has caused a lapse in the manufacturing of their supplies. Even as stay-at-home orders came to an end, a number of additional factors have contributed to nationwide shortages in labor at the manufacturer level, but perhaps even more importantly at the logistics level of the supply chain.




The U.S. is also currently facing a never-before-seen shortage of long-haul truck drivers. Over the last several decades, most companies have been working diligently to reduce their expenses through last-minute delivery models. Essentially, these models are designed to order, place, and sell their products with minimal storage times through the process. Therefore, with shortages in the supplies themselves, and with no one to deliver these to the retailers, customers like us are stuck waiting in line.


Hayward's Measure H Bond projects have been directly affected this year by these issues. 


Nearly all of this year's painting projects saw issues with acquiring large batch paint orders from suppliers. Specifically, the paint projects at Strobridge and Ochoa are still dealing with these project delays. We anticipate that these projects will be wrapped up shortly, but apologize to all the campuses that were affected by these painting project timeline delays.



In addition, both the Palma Ceia and Mt. Eden sites have seen significant delays on their ongoing fire alarm & intercom projects. Core components of the fire alarm systems have been unavailable, putting a significant delay on projects that were intended to be completed by this point.


In all, over 12 different 2021 summer Measure H bond projects have experienced significant delays in their planned completion dates due to these issues. While this can be disruptive, frustrating, and challenging to all of us, we appreciate the community’s combined patience and support during this time of unexpected challenge. Thank you!


There is, however, positive news to report on our bond program. We are happy to share that upcoming projects continue to move forward, with next year's projects already moving into the planning stages. As with all of the other supply-chain issues we are seeing at grocery stores, we look forward to improved processes and the increasing availability of needed construction materials as things slowly move back into a better position through improving safety measures, workforce increases, and increasing vaccination rates across the country.


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