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Harder Elementary is Sprouting!
Posted 1/31/20

SproutingIf you haven't had a chance to drive past the original Harder Elementary School site recently, you may not have seen the progress taking place on the new building construction. Over the last few months, in spite of the cold and wet weather, our team of builders continues to move forward with grit and tenacity on the project. Things are progressing on schedule, and we are excited as we are now beginning the portion of construction where the work is quite visible! This is the especially fun part of the construction, as you can easily observe changes from day-to-day!


The groundwork is now mostly completed with footings poured, ground surfaces prepared, and proper drainage solutions in place. The focus has now shifted to erecting the actual buildings now going vertical and horizontal as steel beams are erected and put in place. You can now see the framing of walls and base work being done to start the "B" building, where Harder students’ future classrooms will be!
So whether you choose to drive by the site, or use the two webcams (here and here) to monitor our progress, we invite you to keep your eye on the steady growth happening for our future at HUSD.

We are working toward a fully completed Harder Elementary school target of August 2021. This allows us to finish just in time for the 2021-2022 school year. The completed campus will include 4 separate buildings for the students of the Harder community. Two buildings are designed as new kinder classrooms, Building "B" (as it is designated) will house the main body of classrooms for Harder's students, and the fourth and final building (currently referred to as the "A.L.M." building) will house the school's Administration, Library, and Multipurpose room facilities.Harder2
Aside from the completion of the buildings themselves, the grounds and utilities will need to be in place and operational before the start date. The August 2021 timeframe takes this into consideration and also provides for HUSD to ensure that all the buildings’ furnishings are in place. This is no easy task, considering that each classroom, office, library, cafeteria, and outdoor seating have their own special requirements and these all must be selected, ordered, delivered, and assembled.

That's not all! In addition to furniture, HUSD staff need to connect the internet and technology solutions across the new campus. This includes making sure that the WiFi is up and running, classroom displays are operational, the district's network is connected, fire alarms have signal, and the school's public marquee is connected, up, and running!

Finally, the Harder Elementary teachers and staff need the time to be fully trained and prepared to use all of these amazing new tools and features provided in the buildings, by construction partners, providers, and HUSD technology and facilities teams.

Altogether, we look forward to the incredible launch of this new school, and invite you to enjoy the progress together with us as we move forward!

If you have any questions about the HUSD bond programs, construction, or simply want to make a comment - you can reach our team at