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May 8th HUSD BOARD WORKSHOP: Board Direction and Summer 2019 Measure H Projects Approved
Posted 5/22/19

On Wednesday, May 8th, the HUSD Board of Trustees, along with the Superintendent, his cabinet, leaders from the district’s maintenance and operations teams, and TRiGroup, Inc. met in workshop to review the current progress to date with the Measure H program.  In addition, they reviewed and approved the findings and recommendations provided by the District Administration and TRiGroup advisor team. The TRiGroup, Inc. company was selected in December 2018, by the board to be the program and project managers to assist with the implementation of the Measure H Bond Program.


Their presentation began by reviewing a brief history around the purpose and passage of the Measure H bond, their community communications and outreach efforts to date, and then moved into a detailed review of the group’s work on a robust facilities assessment performed over the school winter break. The assessment included a detailed site walkthrough for all of the district's facilities by TRiGroup’s team of architects, general contractors, and school construction professionals. Their findings were presented to illustrate the current state of the district’s facilities in terms of component lifecycle and equity. These findings were followed up with a review of the community facilities survey, conducted earlier this year which captured the feelings and responses from the districts students, parents, teachers, administrators, and other general community members. Together these findings helped provide the Board of Trustees with a clearer picture of our current facilities situation.


Following a brief review of bond terminology, prior approved projects, and budget allocations, the Administration and TRiGroup provided a recommended approach to the Measure H program. As the needs for facility renovations far outweighs the funding means currently available, it was necessary to receive Board direction on where to best use the bond funds to maximize their impact and effect.


The board supported the recommended approach, which included renewed approvals for the budget allocations for the previously approved projects. Those include:


  1. The ongoing district solar project and renovations at Winton Middle School and Lorin Eden Elementary.

  2. A request to review the concerns raised by the public related to the pre-approved performing arts center (PAC) and return with options and budgetary impacts.

  3. An approval of 11 quick start projects for the 2019 summer months as identified by HUSD facilities leadership for urgent needs around roof replacement, external painting, fire alarm replacements, and public address system replacements.

  4. Confirmation on the recommended direction on how to proceed with the remainder of the budgets funds, being prioritizing towards: a. safety & health systems. b. external building shell renovations to protect and preserve future classroom improvements. c. remaining funds going towards a developed classroom modernization program.

The resulting approved Measure H budget breakdown results in a third of funds going to existing projects, a third towards school infrastructure, and third towards classroom improvements and contingency.


The meeting then concluded with a review of the project timelines, and the commitment by all parties to return and review the ongoing efforts and work on the program at the Sept. 11th HUSD Board Workshop.


This was a big moment for the district. We had some hard decisions to make, and we made them. It can be discouraging to see the level of need in some of our schools today, but at the same time, we can be excited by the community support in Measure H and the opportunity it provides us with. We have such a rich history in Hayward, and it is exciting that we are going to preserve, restore, and refresh these amazing schools. We’re moving forward to make them the safest, cleanest, most updated classrooms we can accomplish for our students.” - Superintendent Dr. Matt Wayne.