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YEP Middle School

Youth Enrichment Program (YEP) operates expanded learning programs at our five middle schools (Bret Harte, Chavez, King, Ochoa, and Winton). These programs offer opportunities for students in grades 7th-8th to enhance their 21st Century skills, explore post-secondary educational opportunities, and broaden their life experiences. Along with academic support, these programs provide enrichment activities from fitness to cooking classes. YEP strives to create safe and supportive environments to make our students feel connected to their school communities and excited to learn new skills that will impact their academic and social outcomes beyond their participation in our programs.

YEP Breakfast Club (Before School)
Chavez and Winton Middle School

Hours/Dates - 1.5 hours before the start of school, Monday-Friday, every day school is in session.

Start the day right! The YEP Breakfast Club provides active, healthy, and fun before-school activities to prepare students for the school day. Students come early to:

  • Complete and print homework assignments
  • Play organized games and participate in tournaments
  • Get active  in classes like yoga, conditioning, and Zumba 
  • Eat a healthy breakfast, and more!

YEP Core Program (After School)
Bret Harte, Chavez, King, Ochoa, and Winton
Hours/Dates - Begins immediately after school until 6 PM, Monday through-Friday everyday school is in session.

YEP offers age-appropriate activities in which students can explore interests, develop skills, exert leadership, be physically active, and receive academic support. In partnership with community organizations, YEP offers an array of enrichment activities across sites that include visual and performing arts, physical activities, nutrition education, mindfulness, and homework support.  

Click on your school below to register for current and upcoming enrichment classes:

Anthony Ochoa
Bret Harte
Cesar Chavez
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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