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YEP "I Make a Difference" Awards

The I Make a Difference Award recognizes YEP staff who demonstrate exemplary work in action, creating quality experiences for students in YEP Expanded Learning spaces. 

  • This recognition is grounded in the Quality Standards for Expanded Learning Programs established by the California Department of Education.

  • All YEP staff can nominate a YEP team member who exemplifies an Expanded Learning Program Quality Standard. 

  • Each month, from September to May, YEP Management will review the nominations and select a Site Lead, Program Leader, or site team, to be recognized with the  “I Make a Difference Award”.

  • The deadline for nominations is the 20th of each month for the next month’s selection.

Access the Nomination Form.

May 2024

Diversity, access and equity

Sophia Coronado
Stonebrae Program Leader

Sophia Coronado Pic


Sophia has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of her after-school program participants.she embodies the spirit of compassion and dedication. As a mentor, she ensures that every student feels supported and empowered. Through her creativity and leadership, she has organized numerous community service projects, fostering a culture of kindness and giving back among our students. Whether she's leading a tutoring session, planning an cultural art showcase, or simply offering a listening ear, Sophia consistently goes the extra mile to make a positive difference in the lives of others.She is a shining example of the difference one person can make when they lead with kindness, empathy, and dedication.

Safe and supportive environment

Ryan Edmonson
Ochoa Operations Supervisor


Ryan Edmondon Pic


Ryan takes the lead when asked to, and informs his team that he is available for support if it is needed. If he can't do it he will find someone that will. He is an amazing advocate for his students, staff, and team. As described by one of his peers, "Ryan asks the questions that his peers are all thinking."

Safe and supportive environment

Ariel Fields
Southgate Site Coordinator

Ariel Fields Pic


Ariel has become an amazing addition to the Southgate team, supporting her YEP team, students and new site coordinators that visit the program there to shadow. She does not hesitate to provide help that is needed and is a mentor to new staff. She goes above and beyond to ensure program runs smoothly. Ariel's warm, patient and kind nature has built positive relationships with the students, staff and families. Her team appreciates her for dedication!

April 2024

Active and engaged learning

Leticia Tellez
Treeview Site Coordinator

Leticia Tellez Picture


Letie brings creativity, compassion, and positivity to her program. She comes up with engaging ideas for all ages, provides leadership opportunities, and keeps students and staff motivated with her energy and new ideas.

Program management

Yaribeth Marquez
Hayward High Site Coordinator

Yaribeth Marquez Picture


Yari is truly thriving as the High School site coordinator at Hayward High, having built strong relationships with administrators, teachers, counselors, and students across different school levels. She makes sure students are participating in all the clubs and programs after school, showing her commitment to a expose students to new skills. Yari's dedication and innovative approach are making a positive impact on the school community.

Active and engaged learning

Dean Terashita
Parent Resource Center Technology Support Specialist

Dean Terashita Picture

Dean goes above and beyond everyday to provide support to sites to ensure that they have the materials and technology needed to run successful programs. He engages with students, sometimes even lending a hand in events and activites such as fieldtrips, spelling bees, etc.

March 2024

Diversity, access and equity

Sandra Marquez
Mt. Eden Site Coordinator

Sandra Marquez Pic

Sandra has created a safe and welcoming space for students at Mt. Eden High School, where students feel included and welcome.

She develops outreach strategies to ensure all students are aware of the opportunities available for them, often making class presentations to encoure students to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Her efforts result in her programs consistenltly filling to capacity or generating waitlists.

Program management

Destiny Farinha
Park Site Coordinator

Destiny Farinha Pic

Destiny works hard to make connections with her students and is described as "an amazing site coordinator" by her peers. She supports her team and jumps in where needed, always being professional, caring and fun.

Active and engaged learning

Feven Debas
Ruus Program Leader

Feven Debas Pic

Feven facilitates hands on activities to engage her students and provides intentional support during homework time. Her team considers her helpful, supportive, and a great co-worker.

February 2024

Active and Engaged Learning

Brianna Carbajal 
Schafer Park Program Leader

Brianna Carbajal

Brianna always has an engaging and interesting learning component as part of her enrichment activities with her TK and Kinder students. Using resources like YouTube, to introduce concepts or lessons for the day, she keeps her students interested and actively participating.

Safe and Supportive Environments

Emily Santos
MLK Program Leader

Emily Santos

Emily has a good relationship with her team members and student, and she is steadily taking on leadership roles to support her Site Lead when needed. She holds students to a higher standard and knows how to handle multiple tasks. Emily is also very funny, easy going, and a hard worker.

Collaborative Partnerships

Ryan Brown
Eden Gardens Op Sup

Ryan Brown

Ryan organizes and schedules all of the contracted services providing activites at all elementary sites. He has created a guide that is easy to follow and stream lines the process for community partners to rotate from site to site, making it a positive experience for all site leads and our partners.