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Parent University

Our Mission 

At the Hayward Unified School District (HUSD), our mission is to leverage the proven benefits of family engagement in education. Backed by research demonstrating its positive impact on academic achievement, attendance, and behavior, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of programs and services. Our commitment is to actively involve and support Hayward families, creating an inclusive and empowering educational environment that fosters higher grades, improved test scores, increased attendance, and better overall student behavior. Through collaborative initiatives, we aim to ensure the success and well-being of every student by cultivating strong partnerships between the school district, families, and the community."
Parent University is an umbrella term used in HUSD that encompasses the following programs:
Parent University is dedicated to involving and empowering families, students, and the community within the Hayward Unified School District through a comprehensive and fair-minded approach. We actively encourage Hayward parents to participate in various programs that complement their students' educational journey. Additionally, parents have the opportunity to engage actively by joining parent committees, including: 
  • District English Advisory Committee (DELAC)
  • English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC)
  • African American Student Achievement Initiative (AASAI)
  • School Site Council (SSC)
  • School-Based Decision Making (SBDM)

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