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Each student is an individual with their own needs

Name and/or Gender Change

Why might a student want to change their name and/or gender?

There are many reasons why a student may want or need to change their name. Sometimes a student experiences a change in family status through adoption, marriage or divorce. Sometimes a student may want to change their name and/or gender to align with their gender identity. All students have the right to declare their name and pronouns they wish to be used at school in alignment with their gender identity and be supported by the HUSD community to do so. These rights are protected by California law and HUSD Board Policy [CA Ed Code 221.5; BP 5145.9; AR 5145.3]. 

A student may change their name and/or gender with a Name Change Form and parent or guardian signature. Or if a parent or guardian signature is not available, the student can change their name and/or pronouns that are used at school and in the classroom, but not in the information systems. Each column below explains the process for these two situations.


How can a student change their name and/or gender with a Name change form?
  • To get a Name Change Form, contact your  school principal or counselor. Or contact Cheri Smith, HUSD Enrollment Supervisor at 510-723-3857, ext. 34204 or by email at

  • The Name Change Form must be signed by a parent or guardian if the student is under the age of 18.

  • If the name and/or gender change is a Legal Change, then court documents will be required.

  • If the name and/or gender change is not a legal change, the student can still change their name without court documents. The simple one page form with parent or guardian signature will work. In this scenario, the legal name/birth name will remain hidden in the data systems, but the student's declared name and/or pronouns will now appear in all HUSD information systems.

  • Email a scanned copy of the Name Change From (signed by a parent or guardian)  to Cheri Smith, HUSD Enrollment Supervisor (  or bring a hard copy to the HUSD Enrollment Center, 24823 Soto Road, Room 18.

what will happen when a name change form is submitted?
  • Name and/or gender will be changed in Infinite Campus and will be reflected on printed rosters, etc

  • Other HUSD and California data systems update within 48 hours

  • School site staff make changes to cumulative record folder, student ID, diploma, etc

  • Teachers and staff are informed confidentially by the counselor or principal

  • Help desk request will be needed to change name for district email and Google Classroom

  • Only a legal name change with court documents will change the name on graduation transcripts

  • When a parent or guardian signature is not available, a student can inform their principal or counselor that they would like to use their declared name and pronouns at school.
  • The student can also self-advocate and inform their teachers. It can be helpful to also let a principal or counselor know so they inform staff in a confidential way and support the change.
  • The student's legal name and/or gender that appears in the data systems will not change, but the student will be referred to by their name/pronouns at school in alignment with their gender identity. 
  • Regardless of the level of parent or guardian awareness or participation, the student will be supported at school to be referred to by their declared name and pronouns.

  • The principal or counselor will ask the student which name and pronouns school staff should use at school and which name and pronouns to use when communicating with parents. Staff will be informed confidentially.

  • The student’s declared name and pronouns can be noted in the “nickname” field within Infinite Campus for school staff to see, but printed rosters, Parent Portal and Student Portal will not change. 

  • Teachers and office staff should make handwritten edits to printed rosters to update name, gender and/or pronouns for substitute teachers and remind subs about confidentiality.

How will the principal, counselor and staff support CONFIDENTIALITY FOR any student with a name and/or gender change?
  • A student has the right to be referred to by their declared name or pronouns at school in all situations:

    • they turned in a name change form

    • they did not turn in a name change form

    • their parents are aware

    • their parents are not aware

  • Confidentiality means that all staff communicates in a discreet and respectful manner about the student's identity, needs and accommodations. It also means that a student's transgender identity will not be discussed with other staff who do not need to know or other students.

  • The school principal or counselor will inform teachers confidentially that the student is now using their declared name and/or pronouns. School staff will be informed if they need to use a different name or pronouns when communicating with parents or guardians.

  • Every effort must be made to consistently use a student's declared name and pronouns at school; Honest mistakes might happen and do not count as harassment.

  • If any staff or student refuses to refer to a student by their declared name and pronouns, that is considered harassment; School staff must intervene and ensure a safe environment.

Beyond name and/OR gender change, Is there more support for transgender and/or non-binary students?

​​​​​​When a student identifies as transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, gender fluid, etc, school staff will maintain confidentiality about the student’s gender identity. The student may choose to share their identity with whomever they would like.

The adults at school have a responsibility to create a gender support plan with collaboration and input from the student, principal, counselor, teachers, etc (and parents/guardians, if they are available for support) that respond to the unique needs of the student. This plan could be informal or formal. The formal plan is encouraged to keep track of support in place that could also be shared with the student's next school when moving from elementary to middle and middle to high school. School staff who might be a part of the support plan (ex. Physical Education teacher who provides a private changing area) should receive confidential communication and support for implementing the plan. The school principal and/or counselor should check in with the student annually or more often as needed to review the plan. If adjustments are made to the plan, the principal and/or counselor should communicate confidentially with specific staff who need to know about the changes.

Within the gender support plan, all California laws and Hayward Unified board policies and regulations will be honored. Every student must be allowed to participate in school programs, activities and facilities that are aligned with a student's stated gender identity. This includes access to gender segregated bathrooms, locker rooms, sports teams and any other sex-segregated programs. Students will be offered accommodations for safety and privacy such as access to a private changing area or a gender neutral bathroom. The accommodations offered will be based on what is available at each school's facilities. For example, a "private changing area" could be a nearby restroom stall with a door, an area separated by a curtain, a Physical Education instructor's office in the locker room, or a nearby health office restroom. Another accommodation could be using the locker room that corresponds to their gender identity before or after other students. Students may choose to use these accommodations, but will not be required to use them. The school staff will maintain the utmost confidentiality when these choices are offered.

For further guidance, please see the School Success and Opportunity Act (AB 1266) Frequently Asked Questions.


updated October 2021