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Measure H

Facilities Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan, created in 2004, outlined a 20-year plan to invest in necessary repairs and upgrades to our schools. Measure I in 2008, and Measure L in 2014, initiated the process of addressing identified needs, but major facility repairs and upgrades still need immediate attention. Measure H, a $381.7 million bond measure, was placed on the November 6, 2018 ballot and passed by a vote of 72%. Measure H will provide funding to continue addressing needs identified in the Facilities Master Plan, as well as complete facility upgrade projects already in progress.

Measure H Program Scope and Budget

The following budget for the use of the Measure H Bond Program was presented to and approved by the Board of Trustees at the May 8th, 2019 board workshop. This budget includes allocations for previously board-approved development projects, including the district's ongoing solar installation plans, the development of the district performing arts center, Lorin Eden Elementary, and Winton Middle School modernization projects. At the May 8th meeting, the board also approved 11 Quick Start projects for immediate attention to occur over the 2019 summer school break. The remaining bond funds were then allocated toward Infrastructure Improvements needed across the schools of the district to bring them into a state prepared for the final allocation of classroom refresh. At the September 11th, 2019 board workshop, the Board of Trustees approved a proposed 3-phase plan to address the Infrastructure Improvement projects for the district. They also approved the creation of a Modernization Committee to be formed to help plan how the classroom modernization refresh projects should proceed to bring maximum value to the students and teachers of HUSD. As of January 26, 2022, at a following board workshop, the budget and timetable for the program were updated to reflect changes to both due to market, interest, and contingencies on completed projects to date. These are reflected below:

HUSD Measure H Bond - Adjusted Budget (January 28, 2022)
Infrastructure Phase Projects
Infrastructure Project Statuses


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