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Engineering Pathway

Job & College Prep Skills

· UC Approved A-G Curriculum

· Internship Program Grades 11 &12

· Enrichment Activities and Projects

· Real World Guest Speakers

· College Tours

· Pre-employment & Resume skills

· Job Application, & Interview skills

· Assignments build “real world” job skills

· Teaching Teams promote success

· Student Teams provide support

· Counselors track student performance

· Cross curricular instruction

· EP and Core Teacher Collaboration

· Summer Academy/course planned!

· Sense of caring and special support from academy peers, core teachers, and guidance counselor

The Engineering Pathway

Engineering Pathway (EP) students learn real-world problem-solving and engineering methods hands on. EP students work in teams, build critical thinking and communication skills, and become industry-ready engineering problem-solvers. They learn how things are built today and then design innovative plans for tomorrow using the same technology and software used in the real world. Internships and field-trips are a big part of this class.

The Engineering Pathway is supported by Project Lead the Way curriculum recognized by UC's and CSU's meeting both the "D" Science requirement and “G” elective requirements.

Whether you want to work in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Space Technology, Coding, Computer Science, Computer Systems or Digital Communications this is the course for you

9th: Intro to Engineering Design

Students dig deep into engineering design process applying math, science, and engineering standards to hands-on design using 3-D modeling software. Students start building a portfolio and notebook of their work.

10th: Principals of Engineering

Students explore a broad range of engineering topics, including mechanisms, the strength of structures and materials, and automation technologies. Students expand their skills in problem solving, research, and engineering design, documentation, collaboration, and presentation.

11th: Projects that Save the Plane

In this unit students work in teams to find a manufacturing, agricultural, transportation, or power generation process that produces excessive pollution and work to design a solution that reduces the byproducts of that process.  Internships are a part of this course.

12th: Final Engineering Design Project

In this final course students identify an issue and then research, design, and test possible solutions ultimately presenting their solution to a panel of real-world engineers.

Internships, college readiness and  job opportunities are explored preparing school for their post-graduation path.

Contact Information

Norma Diaz, Career Pathways TOSA   


Ian Lockey, Hayward High Engineering Teacher


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