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GSA / Ally Clubs

GSA/QSA historically stands for Gay-Straight Alliance (Queer-Straight Alliance). An updated meaning for GSA is Genders and Sexualities Alliance. A GSA club aims to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all students, inclusive of all sexual orientations or gender identities. 

GSA Clubs can be student-organized and student-led, and the students may ask an adult to become their advisor. Or the club may have an established advisor with student involvement that grows each year. 

Each GSA Club has its own unique focus. Some clubs might be more of a safe space, hangout, social space connecting with other LGBTQIA+ folks and allies. Some clubs might include more peer support (to clarify, this is not therapy or counseling) and other clubs might have more of an activist lens, doing peer education at their school to promote learning about different identities, becoming more culturally competent or preventing discrimination and harassment. Some clubs combine all three or shift their focus throughout a school year.

GSA Resources for Student Leaders & Advisors


Rainbow Club Resources for Advisors