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Safe and Inclusive Schools Program

Allies of all ages create safe and inclusive schools

Allies of all ages create safe and inclusive schools

HUSD Building a Community of Allies: Ending Name Calling

Elementary, Middle and High Schools including their YEP Programs, provide instruction and activities for students to develop their skills as Allies. Students deepen their empathy for the students who are hurt by bullying langauge. Students strengthen their abilities to address the bullying language of their peers and to act more thoughtfully about including any one who might seem islolated. Students participated in data talk lessons analyzing their own student survey results, created and participated in assemblies and student workshops, and decorated their schools with poetry, and art projects.  No Name Calling Week: Building A Community of Allies is part of a comprehensive program to build Safe, Inclusive and Respectful schools inclusive of all our diversity.

HUSD Ally Weeks Throughout the Years

Ally Week in HUSD focuses on students developing their identity as an Ally, someone who is proactively respectful, validating, affirming and including all our community’s identities To accomplish this, Ally Week focuses on all our diversity (race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socio-economic class, and physical and cognitive ability/challenge including of LGBTQ students, families and staff.    


Hidie Reed
Coordinator, Safe and Inclusive Schools Program
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72801


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