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Student and Parent Support Programs

Welcome to the Hayward Unified School District's Student and Parent Support Programs (SPSP) webpage.  As you navigate through our page, look for information on the following:
  • Youth Enrichment Program (YEP), an after-school program for students K-12
  • Academic Intervention and Retention
  • Primary Intervention Program

This webpage provides public information on how the Student and Parent Support Program Office provides support to HUSD Parents, Community, and Schools.


  • Facilitating district-wide parent meetings
  • Implementation of the Youth Enrichment Program (YEP) after-school program at 29 elementary, middle, and high school sites.
  • Monitoring and support  of HUSD’s supplemental academic intervention program
  • Support of the retention process for school sites and families
  • Publishing a district parent newsletter 


The Student and Parent Support Program goals are to build positive community relations and increase student achievement by creating equitable and sustainable systems that promote high student achievement. 

Bringing together our community

This year the Student and Parent Support Program office is able to bring together our HUSD community, by hosting two wonderful events; the Million Father March on the first day of school and the Young Black Men Awards in April. We are celebrating the excellence, talent, and commitment of our community by joining these two groups together at an end-of-the-year celebration. We would like to recognize the amazing contributions administration, board members, parents, students, and teachers have made throughout the year in the success of our students, as well as provide information to support continued academic and social success for all students.

SPSP Contacts

Andrew Kevy
Director, Student and Parent Support Programs
(510) 723-3857 ext 34190

Urayah Bellow
Administrative Secretary
(510) 723-3857 ext 34183
Mobile: (510) 406-6093

Dean Terashita
Tech Support Specialist
(510) 723-3857 ext 34185
Mobile: (510) 935-1081



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