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Resources for Newcomers

Newcomer students are an integral part of our rich and diverse culture in Hayward Unified. Students are considered newcomers if they meet the following criteria:

  • They have been enrolled in US Schools for two years or fewer
  • They are currently enrolled in grades 4-12

What supports are available for Newcomers in HUSD?


At the elementary level, HUSD currently offers Dual Language One-Way programs in Spanish, which can support our newcomers who are arriving from Spanish-speaking countries. These programs are offered at several sites. In addition, students can enroll in our Dual Language Two-Way programs in Spanish or Mandarin, which can support our newcomers whose primary language is either Spanish or Mandarin. Finally, our Structured English Immersion (SEI) program is available at all schools, and primary language support may also be available. Please see our Multilingual Learner Programs page for more details.


At the secondary level, HUSD offers a World House program at Cesar Chavez Middle School and Tennyson High School. This program provides students with access to all levels of English Language Development (ELD), content courses taught in Spanish, and primary language translation when available. Please see our Multilingual Learner Programs page for more details.

Resources for Teachers

HUSD Newcomer Resources Folder

The Multilingual Learner Department is working to create long-term solutions for these students who are enrolled in grades 4-12. However, there are immediate needs for newcomer students at all of our school sites, which must be addressed as soon as possible.

Please click the button below to view a document with links to resources for Newcomer students’ first few days/weeks of school that can be immediately implemented in classrooms. 

Newcomer Resources One-Pager for Teachers

Language Acquisition Levels organizes the abilities of students based on how long they’ve been in English-speaking settings, along with concrete teacher supports.

Language Acquisition Levels

Bilingual Glossaries

Click the drop down menu below for Bilingual Glossaries, created by the New York State Office of Bilingual Education. These glossaries are intended to be used as instructional resources, both in class and at home.

NOTE: While these glossaries say they are "approved testing accommodations," they are NOT currently approved for use on California standardized tests (e.g. CAASPP, ELPAC). Please see the CAASPP Accessibility Resources page for more information on approved supports for CA state wide testing.

Glossaries by Language and Subject

5 Ways to Support Newcomers in your Classroom

First page of the PDF file: InternationalsNetwork_5WaystoSupportNewcomersinYourClassroom-Teachers_11024