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Dually Identified Students

Dually Identified Students are Multilingual Learners with special needs, i.e. students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) who have also been identified as an English Learner. Dually Identified Students have unique needs based on their disability, but all students who are identified as English Learners -- with or without an IEP -- are entitled to English Learner Services, including Designated English Language Development (ELD).

Multilingual Students with Exceptional Needs (MuSE)

Led by the Imperial County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), MuSE is a team of practitioners who specialize in assisting districts who serve Dually Identified students. As part of their work, MuSE offers thoughtful professional learning modules and supporting documents to provide districts and teachers with a leg up in understanding how best to provide services to Multilingual Students with IEPs.

Professional Learning Opportunity for IEP Team Members

First page of the PDF file: ProjectMuSE1hourSessions

Reclassifying Students with Disabilities

The decision to Reclassify (Redesignate Fluent English Proficient) a student with an IEP is slightly different from the process for other Multilingual Learner students, and is generally driven by the IEP team with the support of the site's EL Specialist. The student's individual needs and abilities are placed at the forefront, ensuring that the process is equitable for the student.

See the Sample Reclassification Decision Tree, created by the Capital Central Foothill Area Consortium, for a recommended approach to Reclassification of Multilingual Learners with Disabilities.

Sample Reclassification Decision Tree

First page of the PDF file: ReclassificationofDuallyIdentifiedLearnersv16

Resources to Support Dually Identified Students

The State of California has published the following resources specifically designed to support Dually Identified Students.

CA Practitioners' Guide for Educating English Learners with Disabilities

CDE English Learners with Disabilities Information Page

CDE Alternate ELPAC Information Page

Improving Outcomes for English Learners with Disabilities

First page of the PDF file: ICSelpaImprovingOutcomesELsSWD2021-1

Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Special Education Eligibility Assessment Processes

First page of the PDF file: CulturallyLinguisticallyAppropAssessments72022