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Programs for Multilingual Learners

Multilingual Programs Overview

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Hayward Unified School District offers the following program options to Multilingual Learners:

  • Structured English Immersion
  • Dual Language Immersion (DLI) One-Way (formerly called Bilingual Alternative)
  • Dual Language Immersion Two-Way
  • World House (exclusively for newcomers in grades 7-12)

Our Dual Language Immersion programs have been a source of pride for HUSD over the last several years, with students learning English alongside either Spanish or Mandarin.

Our World House program, exclusively for Multilingual Learners who are newly arrived to the United States, provides unique courses and services to meet the needs of students in grades 7-12.

In all cases, Multilingual Learners are given the tools they need in order to master both language and content.

For a detailed description of each program, click on the brochures or see the dedicated pages. Or, click the image below to read our Multilingual Learner Master Plan.

Multilingual Learner Master Plan

To learn more about our academic programs for English Learners please read one of our brochures.

Brochure (English)

To learn more about our Dual Language Immersion Programs (DLI) please see our brochure listed below.

DLI Brochure (English)

DLI Brochure (Spanish)

California Department of Education

Click the button below to learn more about the California Department of Education's (CDE) definitions of Multilingual programs.

CDE Multilingual Programs (English)

CDE Multilingual Programs (Spanish)