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Teacher Testimonials

What our teachers have to say:

  • "I literally look at the world around me from a different perspective after the instruction from our presenter. This was such a powerful experience that I am thrilled to pass out to my students! "

  • "I loved this class so much!! It focused on female artists from different cultural backgrounds, and surprising ways to be inspired by their art. Loved doing the artwork with my students, they were so engaged, learned about new people, and learned how to use new materials."

  • "Art is a process that requires thoughtful, intentional steps but can also be very creative. Even though I pride myself in being a Math teacher & never would see myself as an Art teacher, the art of teaching is being able to transfer knowledge, not necessarily be an Art expert or majored in Art."

  • "I incorporate a lot more art. I feel more capable to teach art, which I have always struggled with. I wasn't given much art education in school, so this has really helped me learn art techniques and share them with my students. "