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Early Completion Option (ECO)

ECO Application Process

  1. Review ECO Purpose Letter
  2. Complete the ECO Application
  3. Obtain two Recommendations: Intern Program,  Site Administrator (Applicant is responsible to ensure recommendations are received by due date)
  4. Submit Application and Recommendations by Tuesday, October 1st by 4:30pm to the Induction Office, Level A District Office
  5. ECO Application reviewed by Induction Leadership Team and HR
  6. Notification of ECO application acceptance by Friday, October 4th

Fall Inquiry Mid-Year Review Submission:

  • January 20-24, 2025

Spring Inquiry End-of-Year Review Submission

  • May 12-16, 2025

Mandatory Attendance

Induction Orientation  

Cohort A: Tues. 9/17/24


Cohort B: Thurs. 9/19/24


Cohort C: Tues. 10/1/24


Thursday, May 22, 2025


Phoebe Williams