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Advisory Board

The VISION of the Hayward Unified School District Induction Program is to provide continuity with the credential preparation program to encourage growth and promote habits of reflective and effective teaching practices. The Hayward Induction Program strives to achieve equity in education and to support and create conditions which retain Candidates as they transition into the teaching profession.

Mission Statement: The Hayward Unified School District Induction Program mission is to support Candidates in demonstrating growth and to reflect on their practice, collaborate with others in the professional community and seek opportunities to grow professionally. Candidates are mentored to establish and maintain a safe, inclusive and equitable learning environment that will foster global citizenship in a changing society.


Roles & Responsibilities

The Flight Of Geese: Motivational Video On Teamwork And Leadership

Phoebe Williams
Teacher Induction Program Coordinator

Angelica Alamillo-Perez
Director, Multilingual Programs

Fanny Camacho
Candidate, Glassbrook Elementary

Lisa Davies
Assistant Superintendent, Ed. Services

Veronica Estrada
Principal, Tennyson High 

Mercedes Faraj
HEA President

Debra Forrest
Program Specialist, Special Ed.

Hector Garcia
Director, Curriculum & Instruction/ARE

Elvia Gauzin
ELL Specialist/HEA Rep

Michele Korb
CSUEB, Dept Of Ed.

Lauren Matteis
Principal, Fairview Elementary 

Julie McNamara
CSUEB, Dept Of Ed.

Anna Padgett
TOSA, Teacher Induction

Dr. Jason Reimann

Aurora Sweet
HR Director Certificated

Joel Tebbs
TOSA, Teacher Induction

Marina Xavier
TOSA, Assessment

Nancy Wright
Mentor, Science TOSA

Oliver Yang
Completer, Hayward High