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Teacher Induction Program

Welcome to Induction!

The Vision of the Hayward Unified School District Induction Program is to provide continuity with the credential preparation program to encourage growth and promote habits of reflective and effective teaching practices. The Hayward Induction Program strives to achieve equity in education and to support and create conditions which retain Candidates as they transition into the teaching profession.

Mission Statement: The Hayward Unified School District Induction Program mission is to support Candidates in demonstrating growth and to reflect on their practice, collaborate with others in the professional community and seek opportunities to grow professionally. Candidates are mentored to establish and maintain a safe, inclusive and equitable learning environment that will foster global citizenship in a changing society.

Admission/Enrollment Procedures: At the time of employment in the Hayward Unified School District, the district Credential Technician will assist you with enrolling in the Induction Program by completing an HR Intake form for Induction. A thorough evaluation of your credential status by the Credential Technician will be provided to all teachers at the point of hire regarding eligibility for the Hayward Teacher Induction Program. It is the beginning teacher's responsibility to furnish a copy of his/her Preliminary Credential or letter of issuance from the university stating completion of a Preliminary Credential program to the Credential Technician. All HUSD teachers holding a Preliminary Credential, General Education or Education Specialist, are eligible for the Induction Program and will be contacted by an Induction team member in order to set up a one on one enrollment and advisement meeting. At this meeting, teachers will submit a fully completed application and a Memorandum of Understanding. Items that will be reviewed include their Preliminary Credential or verification of completion of Year 1 (if a Year 2 transfer Candidate), renewal codes and a potential Mentor match based on credential type and/or authorization. This Mentor match will be made within 30 days of enrollment in the HUSD Teacher Induction Program. Candidates will also be advised of the dates for the mandatory Induction Orientation Workshop to be attended by both the Candidate and Mentor so that they may begin their collaboration and create goals for the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) within 60 days of enrollment.

2 Year Teacher Induction Outline



Phoebe Williams
Program Coordinator
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72749

Dr. Lisa Davies
Asst. Superintendent, Ed. Services

Aurora Sweet
Director of Certificated Personnel
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72570

Anna Padgett
Induction Program Team Member
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72508

Joel Tebbs
Induction Program Team Member
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72532

Michelle Dickson
Office Specialist
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72804

Debra Forrest
Special Ed Liaison, Progam Specialist
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72575

Annette Higares-Rodriguez
Credential Technician (M-Z)
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72690

Marie Ramos
Credential Technician (A-L)
Phone: (510) 784-2600 ext. 72709

Teacher Induction Advisory Board