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Injured Employee

Schools Insurance Authority (SIA)

This District does not administer the Worker’s Compensation Claim but works with Schools Insurance Authority (SIA) to administer on the District’s behalf. All claim related questions or expenses should be directed to SIA. You can contact SIA by phone at (916) 364-1281 and ask to speak with your claim’s examiner. Please note that SIA has up to 90 days from the date of injury before they accept or deny a claim. SIA will send and request information from you directly to administer your claim. If SIA approves your Worker’s Compensation Claim, you may be eligible to use Industrial Accident Leave as specified by your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for approved absences from duty resulting from industrial accident. In the event that SIA denies your Worker’s Compensation Claim, Industrial Accident Leave shall not apply to you.

Frontline Absences

If you are placed off work duty by the treating Occupational Physician for this industrial accident, please forward a copy of your doctor’s note to, and we will work with HR to update Frontline with the off work dates listed in the doctor’s note.

If your claim is approved, and you are placed off work because of illness or injury resulting from the industrial accident, then you will be granted Industrial Accident Leave as defined in your Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). 

if your claim is not approved, or if you have used all of your Industrial Accident Leave hours, and you are not able/eligible to return to work, then you may utilize your other paid leave time buckets (sick leave, accumulated compensatory time, vacation, or other available paid leave) to remain in a paid status.

Leave of Absence

If you exhaust all Industrial Accident Leave and paid leave, then you may request a Leave of Absence (LOA) though HR to review if you may qualify for up to 100 days of extended sick leave at a sub differential rate. At this point, your pay will be impacted. It is strongly encouraged that you file a claim with The Standard to determine if you are eligible to receive additional benefits.

The easiest way to file a claim is to call them and file the claim over the phone. The Standard can be reached at (800) 522-0406. Please be sure to provide the HUSD Group Policy Number 503065-x1. HUSD will not file a claim with Standard on your behalf. Please do not file a claim with the California State Disability Insurance Program as HUSD does not pay into State Disability and your claim will not be processed.