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Air Quality / Heat Preparedness

Hayward USD continually monitors the air quality within the City of Hayward and Alameda County.  The district follows the Environmental Protection Agency's color tiers to determine the categorization and how to respond to the air quality issues within our area.  When the air quality reaches an unhealthy category, red zone, we will generally ask schools to limit or avoid outside activity and to keep windows and doors closed. 

In order to determine local air quality, staff monitor the following websites:

Air Quality Information

Air quality table that labels air from good to hazardous levels.

Watch for symptoms / What to do

Air quality can have an affect on individuals with asthma or any other respiratory issues.   The symptoms can include wheezing, difficulty with breathing, coughing and even tightening of the chest.  It is possible that individuals without having respiratory issues still have symptoms.  

If any symptoms occur, an individual will need to decrease or stop any activity, take a break, move indoors to a cooler space or use medication as prescribed.  If symptoms do not improve, seek medical help. 

How To Prevent Heat Illness