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7-11 Committee/Surplus Property

Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Sale or Lease of Surplus School District Property

Preview Staff Recommendation for Surplus Property 

 Meeting via Zoom, September 21, 2023  at 6:00PM:

This open meeting will provide some history and context, share the staff recommendations planned, and open it up to collect real-time feedback.

An opportunity to preview planned staff recommendations for the school board to consider at an upcoming Board meeting. 



Solutions Team for Surplus Property

Objectives: The Board hereby directs the Solutions Team for Surplus Property to: 

  • Receive information regarding proposals for surplus property 
  • Rank proposals and submit questions for proposal clarification purposes

Solutions Team for Surplus Property Membership

  • Seana Condit-Gordon - ACSA Representative
  • Sarah Kolterman - AEOTE Representative
  • Kim Steffen - HEA Representative
  • Chantaine Fauntleroy - HEA Representative 
  • Lisa Brunner - 7-11 Committee Representative
  • Charles Jones - 7-11 Committee Representative 
  • Monica Arellano - Chochenyo- Muwekma Nation Representative
  • Virginia Babasa - 7-11 Committee Representative
  • Sabrina Aranda - 7-11 Committee Representative 
  • Sophia Celeste Jaurequi - 7-11 Committee Representative
  • Sandra Macias - 7-11 Committee Representative
  • Diana Martinez-Velazquez - 7-11 Committee Representative
  • Elena Lepe - 7-11 Committee Representative

The previous phase during the spring of 2023 was tabled, the District reinitiated the Surplus Property process between July - September 2023.

The following properties are under consideration at this time: 
585 Willow Avenue, Hayward
27211 Tyrrell Avenue, Hayward
2652 Virgil court, Castro Valley
520 Jefferson Street, Hayward


Request for Proposals June 30, 2023
Property Tours July 12, 2023
Pre-Bidder's Conference July 14, 2023
Questions Due July 17, 2023
Final Addendum/ Reponses Released July 19, 2023
Proposals Due July 28, 2023
Evaluation Committee Review August - September 2023
Interviews at District's Discretion TBD
Target Board Approval  September 2023


The Operational Sustainability Initiative of the Strategic Plan outlines a Vision of Success for Hayward Unified School District to use its resources, including facilities, efficiently and effectively to support our own educational community. As part of this initiative, eight properties were identified for surplus, and to collect input from the community on potential uses, the Board established a 7-11 Surplus Property Advisory Committee pursuant to Education Code 17388 at the February 23, 2022 Board Meeting. At the same meeting, the Board outlined the following goals for the use of the surplus property:

HUSD Goals of Surplus Property

After members were formally appointed at the March 23, 2022 Board Meeting, a community input engagement process occurred over the Spring of 2022. The 7-11 Surplus Property Advisory Committee completed its work at the June 22, 2022 Board Meeting by submitting its report and making a presentation to the Board. The report can be found as an Appendix A to Board Resolution #2223-09 approved by the Board at the June 22, 2022 Board Meeting. 

With potential and community recommended uses in place, the District has outlined a timeline and process to issue formal Requests for Proposals to best obtain actionable proposals for each property. The timeline for each property is noted below per direction from the Board at the January 11, 2023 Board Meeting:

Planned Board Actions: Lease, Sell, Hold, or Other

A committee specific to Surplus Property composed of the Core Solutions Team and prior 7-11 Committee members is in place per direction from the Board to:

  • Receive information regarding proposals for surplus property
  • Rank proposals and submit questions for proposal clarification purposes.

Details for each property are included in the formal Requests for Proposals document linked to this webpage. This webpage will continue to provide updates as this process progresses.