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Business Services

Business Services Division - Administration

The Business Services Division is comprised of multiple service departments responsible for the operational functions of the district. These departments are Benefits / Risk Management, Business Support Services, Educational Information Technology, Facilities Maintenance & Operations, and Student Nutrition.

Amy Nichols                                                                                    Maricela Contreras-Garcia
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services                          Senior Executive Assistant of Business Services
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72702                                                     Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72702
Email:                                                   Email:


Business Support Services

The Business Support Services Department provides fiscal services for the district. The department functions include Accounting, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Position Control, and Purchasing.

Eric Fletcher                                                                                     Esther Delgado
Director III                                                                                          Office Specialist (Level D)
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72613                                                      Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72826
Email:                                                    Email:

Andrew Gross
Office Specialist- Payroll (Level C)
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72727


Benefits/Risk Management

The Benefits Department is responsible for assisting employees with district sponsored medical, dental, vision, fringe, and retiree benefits. The department also assists with commuter benefits and the Employee Assistance Program.

The Risk Department is responsible for workers' compensation, liability, claims, safety and emergency, incident reporting, property reimbursement, Title II ADA, student insurance, medical interactive, ergonomics, and hazardous chemical oversight.

Lisa Cote                                                                                         Stephanie Vasquez
Coordinator III                                                                                Office Specialist
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72680                                                   Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72643
Email:                                                        Email:


Educational Information Technology

The EIT Department is responsible for the hardware, software and networking of computers within the district.  Individuals within the department are responsible for sites within the district to provide troubleshooting, programming, and technical support.

Greg Pitzer                                                                                       Tammy Koning
Director                                                                                              Help Desk Office Specialist
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72524                                                     Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72663
Email:                                                      Email:


Facilities, Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation 

The FMOT Department is responsible for planning and managing all the necessary services to ensure that each school environment is safe, comfortable and running smoothly.  Technical services, such as fire alarm, heating and air conditioner systems) as well as general services such as custodial services are provided within this department.

Miguel Cruz                                                                                    Sarita Sharma
Director III - FMOT                                                                          Administrative Secretary
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72800                                                   Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72800
Email:                                                     Email:

Stephanie Briseno                                                                        Jenny Maddox
Office Specialist- Facilities                                                             Office Specialist- Maintenance and Operations
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72667                                                   Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72547
Email:                                                 Email: 

Jennifer McGriff
Office Specialist- Bond
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 72844


Student Nutrition 

The Child Nutrition Department supports and provides access to nutritious meals for children within the school district.  The food program offers meals and snacks to school sites.  Individuals within the department are responsible for assisting sites with the packaging and distribution of food.

Lucky Vasquez                                                                            Erik Moulton 
Director II                                                                                       Office Specialist
Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 28110                                                 Phone: (510) 784-2600 x 28216
Email:                                               Email: