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YHA's Directions for Cooking and Fitness Family Days



Throughout the year you will be required to cook a variety of nutritional recipes with students every other week for 5 to 8 weeks. VCS! AmeriCorps members will be required to oversee and conduct the cooking activities with 60 to 120 students on the selected Wednesdays. Members and site staff will be given the recipes in advance to plan. Students will be required to make the recipe in groups of 20 to 25 and each students will sample the recipe and make a sample for their parent to survey at the end of the day. One family will be selected at the beginning of the program through a random selection (name out of a hat, students names on a stick, etc.) to receive the recipe to take home. A different family should be selected to receive the bag on the cooking days. Members or sites staff should follow the following procedures listed below. 



2 to 7 days prior:

  • Review the recipe and create at lest one visual and interactive display for the students
  • Check in with the Site Coordinator about space and cooking materials.
  • Check back with your Field Coordinator or Sally Espinosa, Operations Supervisor if you need assistance with supplies or had trouble with a delivery
  • Update the VCS! AmeriCorps Bulletin Board with the selected recipe
  • Remind your Site Coordinator about the upcoming cooking days  
  • Coordinate with your CHA AmeriCorps member in the parent center to invite them to participate


1 to 2 days prior:

  • Prepare refrigerator and ensure it is clean and available for the food delivery
  • Prep a table next to the sign out sheet and clean for the recipe sample and survey area


Food Delivery Day (Tuesday prior to cooking day) 

Step 1: Members will assist with food separation on Tuesday morning at 11:30 am at SIAC and members will return to site after to begin preparation for the cooking and nutrition projects


Step 2:Members will be prepared for the recipe pick up at site between 12 and 2pm with a cart unless otherwise arranged.


Step 3:Members will count the products to ensure they have enough for the students. They should also look for the goody bag to ensure they have one for the parents to take home


Step 4: Members will unload the food and place the food in the refrigerator for proper storage


Wednesday (Cooking Day)


Step 1: Members will check with Site Coordinator to ensure the room and space are ready for prep


Step 2: Clean off the tables with the wipes before the students enter the classroom


Step 3: Gather the products from the refrigerator and wash products with one students of the week or month


Step 4: Members will prep food stations with products


Step 5:Once members receive a group of students they will ask the students to wash their hands and/or use the hand sanitizer


Step 6:Students will sit down and look at demonstration from the YHA AmeriCorps member with each station before the students begin cooking


Step 7:Members will pass out gloves to students who are prepping and divide the students in an orderly fashion to the different prepping stations


Step 8:Students will then begin to prep the food for the recipe


Step 9:Students will put the recipe together and place in sample cups/bowls. Each student will make two sample (One for themselves and one for a parent)


Step 10:YHA’s will direct the students in an orderly fashion to throw away their gloves.


Step 11:YHA’s will then direct the students in an orderly fashion to place one sample on the sample table next to the sign out sheet


Step 12:Students will not be allowed to taste the recipe until they complete their journal entries and group activity


Step 13:YHA’s will complete the group 5 senses activity with the students and ask them to complete a journal entry


Step 14:Students will then have the opportunity to finish their samples


Step 15:Students will clean their areas before they transition to the next Wednesday activity



Family Engagement (Food /Cooking and Physical Fitness)


Step 1:Upon arriving to pick up their children parents will be greeted by a student leader, a YHA AmeriCorps member, a Site Coordinator and or other assisting staff


Step 2: Parents will be asked to complete the physical activity task and taste the recipe sample. Parents will be asked to complete the recipe sample survey for feedback


Step 3:Parents will be asked to sign in on a form if they participated in physical activities or tasted the recipe


Step 4:Parent will be told about the next cooking date and will be asked if they would like to assist with the cooking activity


Step 5:YHA’s must recruit at least 5 parents over the course of the cooking classes to assist. Members must write down the names or ask the parents to sign in and report the information to Sally Espinosa, Operations Supervisor, the Field Coordinator or the Volunteer Recruiters


Step 6:The parent who receives the goody bag will be notified upon pick up. They will be asked to sign the sites goody sheet for verification of receiving the recipe 

Cooking Days and Recipes


March 16th, 2011  Green Salad
April 16th, 2011  
April 20th, 2011  
May 4th, 2011  
May 18th, 2011  
June 1st, 2011