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Developer Fees

By appointment Only. Please contact: Maricela Contreras-Garcia at

Type of Project   Fee Per Square Foot
Residential - Habitable Space  $4.79
All Residential - Non-Habitable Space, i.e. garage, porch $0.00
Senior/Affordable Housing - Habitable Space $0.78
Senior/Affordable Housing - Non-Habitable Space, i.e. garage, porch $0.00
Any/All Commercial/Retail $0.78
Government/Public Exempt
Small Projects: 0 - 750 square feet Exempt

Demolition/Replacement/Remodeling A third-party developer fee justification study conducted by Government Financial Strategies, Inc. concluded that the "District" (Hayward Unified School District) is justified in imposing the fee "on all new residential development (e.g. new construction, demolition and replacement, additions of more than 750 square feet to existing homes, etc.) to the extent allowed by law."