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Evaluation Forms


2020 Annual Evaluations

Annual classified evaluations are due to HR no later than February 26, 2020. 

Please contact Kristy Colyer at ext. 72697 if you have any questions.

Informed k12 forms info

We believe face to face is the best way to conduct evaluation conferences but realize that it is not possible with all employees during distance learning. 

Supervisors may use the Informed K12 forms if they are unable to meet face to face with the employee. When conducting an evaluation conference, please be sure to follow this guide:

  • Meet via Zoom with both cameras on 
  • Supervisor to share screen with the Informed K12 form
  • Supervisor and employee should discuss each rating and complete the evaluation together 
  • Once the evaluation is completed, send to the employee for signature
  • The employee will then send to supervisor for final signature
  • Supervisor sends to Human Resources