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Benefits / Risk Management Staff

The Benefits Department is responsible for assisting employees with district sponsored medical, dental, vision, fringe, and retiree benefits. The department also assists with commuter benefits and the Employee Assistance Program.

The Risk Department is responsible for workers' compensation, liability, claims, safety and emergency, incident reporting, property reimbursement, Title II ADA, student insurance, medical interactive, ergonomics, and hazardous chemical oversight.


Coordinator—Benefits and Risk Management

Lisa Cote 

The Coordinator is responsible for planning, developing, coordinating, analyzing and administering the District's health and welfare benefits and risk management programs.

Benefits Specialists

Lisa-Marie Cuspard (Last Names A-K)
510.784.2600 x72567


Leticia Pinocci -  (Last Names L-Z)
510.784.2600 x72726


The Employee Benefits Specialists assist HUSD employees and retirees with health and fringe benefit enrollment and changes. They also assists with commuter benefits, the Employee Assistance Program, and survivor benefits. 

Workplace Health & Safety Manager

Nimish Singh
510.784.2600 x72639

The Workplace Health & Safety Manager oversees the District's COVID-19 prevention and safety plan, Worker's Compensation, medical interactives, the district's Return to Work program, training, and leave discrepancies.

Compliance Supervisor

Pedro Gonzalez
510.784.2600 x72782

The Compliance Supervisor oversees the district's hazardous chemicals program, site safety inspections, science program, training, Share911 and reporting.

Office Specialist

Amia Van Hook 
510.784.2600 x72643

The Office Specialist supports the Worker's Compensation, medical interactives, the District's Return to Work programs, Risk Management and Benefits.