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Made in Hayward

What does it mean to be Made in Hayward?

It means having access to world-class programs to stimulate deeper learning and ignite individual
passions. Career pathways, Made in Hayward college readiness programs, STEAM centers, and
our district-wide arts curriculum are not limited opportunities for the lucky few—they are core
programs, available to all.

It means celebrating our differences, not rejecting them. Because when you have a chance to learn
next to others who have different perspectives, you learn something new about yourself and are
better equipped to take on the world.

It means empowering families to work alongside staff in support of student needs. We do this,
because we know that by building strong schools, we create strong communities. And above all,
we’re creating a place to feel safe in who you are, what you believe, and who you become.

It means growing up in an engaging educational environment that prepares you for college, a career,
and most importantly, for life.

Our Pillars

Opportunity, Diversity, Community Schools, and Preparedness


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