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Gifted and Talented Education programs are integrated into the instructional programs of all schools in the Hayward Unified School District and are designed to meet the needs of students who consistently demonstrate abilities beyond those of other children of their same age.


HUSD educators work hard to provide differentiated learning opportunities in order to challenge and support the abilities and talents of our students, as well as shore up their areas of need.


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The Hayward Unified School District uses the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) as one of several measures to assess and identify students for Gifted and Talented Education programs. The CogAT measures students’ learned reasoning abilities in the three areas most linked to academic success in school: Verbal, Quantitative and Nonverbal. The pencil & paper assessment consists of nine subtests and takes approximately three hours over the course of three days to complete.


Initial Assessment

Every student is offered the opportunity to be assessed at least once for GATE identification. CogAT testing for all third graders in HUSD takes place in November. Parents/guardians are able to decline assessment at that time.

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Because cognitive development varies from child to child, fourth - sixth graders may be reassessed during the CogAT assessment window upon recommendation by a teacher or request by a parent/guardian. Students may be assessed no more than once per academic year.

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Students new to HUSD

For new students to the district who were in a gifted program in their previous district, the criteria for the previous school’s GATE identification will be reviewed. Parents are asked to provide this information to the district, preferably before entering HUSD.  When previous testing is compatible and meets district criteria, the student is identified GATE. When the testing does not meet district standards, the student is invited to test during our CogAT assessment window.


Once identified as gifted and talented, a student will be eligible for HUSD GATE programs and opportunities for as long as he/she is enrolled in an HUSD school.


Students exiting HUSD

Once a student receives CogAt scores, these scores may be taken to a new school district. Each school district maintains specific eligibility requirements for GATE, therefore students are subject to the requirements of the new district.


To inquire about your student’s GATE documentation, please contact HUSD GATE program representative.



At the Elementary level, teachers are offered professional development to enhance their skills in challenging and supporting gifted and talented students. Students may be offered a combination of alternate assignments, individual contracts, and after school programs, (e.g. science, art, drama, chess…).



At the secondary level, students are clustered based on subject-matter competency, as well as have the opportunity to select from various elective courses that fit interest levels.

Contact Information

510 784-2600

24411 Amador Street

Hayward, CA 94544

GATE Teacher on Special Assignment - Kristen Eng Popper, Ext. 72725,

HUSD Science Fair

HUSD is proud to present the 4th annual district-wide science fair on Saturday May 20, 2017.

Planning and carrying out investigations is one practice that is emphasized in the Next Generation Science Standards. For this reason, all students are encouraged to conduct experiments and enter their projects into the HUSD Science Fair.


Link - Science Fair flyer and packet - still in progress

Spelling Bee info - still in progress