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Introducing Pathways+:   A new option to help students prepare, transfer and succeed

For many California students, community college is a great way to prepare for a UC degree. Now, there's a new option to help students transfer to UC and succeed once they get here. Beginning fall 2019, UC will be offering Pathways+, a new transfer option for California community college students who want to be competitive across the system, with the guarantee of placement at one of our campuses. Pathways+ builds on UC's Transfer Pathways program and takes it one step further. Students will have the clear guidance, strong academic preparation and competitive edge of Pathways, plus the added security of knowing they have a guaranteed spot at one of six UCs that offer Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs). 

Veronica Ortiz

College & Career Coordinator

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Rina Houngviengkham

Office Specialist

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