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African American Student Achievement Initiative

What is the African American Student Achievement Initiative (AASAI)?


AASAI is a Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) initiative that focuses on bringing about equitable, systemic, and transformative change in teaching and learning to more effectively address the academic, social and emotional needs of its African American students and the families and communities that nurture and support them.


AASAIs four priority areas are as follows:


  1. Closing the Achievement Gap – Study, evaluate, and make recommendations on the effectiveness of approved intervention and acceleration strategies in order to address the pervasive, persistent underperformance of AA students in HUSD;
  2. Cultural and Linguistic Responsive Pedagogy - Ensure that school personnel are appropriately trained, supported and held accountable for the successful implementation of culturally and linguistically responsive professional development and pedagogical practices;
  3. School Climate - Study and evaluate the effectiveness of district-wide behavioral policies and practices and their impact on African American students;
  4. Family Engagement - Promote and strengthen AA family engagement through community partnerships and deep alliances with local school sites;


Organizational Structure


AASAI District Parent Leadership Team (DPLT) - consists of no less than two parent liaisons from each K-12 school site.  AASAI, DPLT meets on the second Thursday of each month from 5:30-8:00 p.m. in the Board Room.  Dinner and Childcare are provided.


Local Site AASAI - Each school site is required to have at least two AASAI meetings at the local school site, throughout the academic school year.  




Impact - The AASAI DPLT was instrumental in getting AASAI recognized in the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) as an on-going program addressing the needs of AA students in the district.  Following a thorough process of identifying needs of AA students and parents in alignment with the Eight Core Areas of the LCAP:


1) Student Achievement; 2) Student Engagement; 3) State Standards; 4) Course Access; 5) School Climate;

6) Parental Involvement; 7) Basic Services; 8) Other Student Outcomes


AASAI and Parent Leadership Team Meeting Schedule






September 21, 2017


Meeting: Bret Harte Middle School multipurpose room

Childcare Provided




October 19, 2017


Meeting: Board Room

Childcare: Superintendent's Conference Room




November 16, 2017


Meeting: Board Room

Childcare: Superintendent's Conference Room




December 21, 2017


Kwanzaa Celebration

Parent Resource Center (24823 Soto Road, Hayward)




January 18, 2018*

February 3, 2018


* K-6 school in HHS feeder (Burbank Elementary)

AAREA Professional Development Summit - CSUEB





February 15, 2018*

Board Room and Superintendent's Conference Room




March 15, 2018*


* K-6 school in MEHS feeder (Southgate Elementary)




April 19, 2018

April 28, 2018


* K-6 school in THS feeder (Schafer Park Elementary)

AAREA Black Student Excellence and Achievement Awards - Chabot College





May 17, 2018


Meeting: Board Room

Childcare: Superintendent's Conference Room




June 21, 2018


Meeting: Board Room

Childcare: Superintendent's Conference Room




*Tentatively scheduled for Feeder Pattern Meetings as follows:


1/18 – HHS feeder

2/15 – MEHS feeder

3/15 – THS feeder


*This year’s Feeder Pattern meetings will feature listening fishbowls with K-6 African-American families


All are welcome to attend AASAI District Parent Leadership Team meetings, but you must RSVP to Elsa Zamora at or leave voicemail at 723-
3100 ext 40403 no later than the Monday of the
week of the meeting.












AASAI Oratorical & Visual & Performing Arts Links

AASAI Oratorical and Visual and Performing Arts Registration


Deadline: Monday, February 12, 2018 by 5:00pm


Diana Levy 

District Administrator 

African American Student Initative