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Youth Enrichment Program


YEP Main Office
Elementary, Middle & High Schools

Justin Fallon
 510.723.3857 x34189

Maricela Contreras-Garcia
510.723.3857 x34186

Gudelia Reyes
Habla Español
510.723.3857 x34188

Elementary & Middle Schools

Sally Espinosa-Herrera
Field Coordinator

 510.723.3857 x34194

Janae Aptaker
Field Coordinator
 510.723.3857 x34193

Tim Romano-Pugh
Field Coordinator

 510.723.3857 x34195


Rina Serrano
Habla Español
Coordinator, Before and After School Programs, Elementary Schools

 510.723.3857 x34191

Maya Hernandez
Habla Español
Coordinator, Before and After School Programs, Middle & High Schools

 510.723.3857 x34197

Student and Parent Support Programs

Christy Gerren
Director, Student and Parent Support Programs

Justin Fallon
Administrative Secretary

 510.723.3857 x34189

Dean Terashita
Tech Support Specialist
 510.723.3857 x34185 office
 510.935.1081 cell

Parent University

Sabrina Aranda
Coordinator, Parent Engagement

Student and Parent Support Programs

 510.723.3857 x34200

Norma Dib
Operations Supervisor, Parent Engagement

Student and Parent Support Programs

 510.723.3857 x34183

Maria Reyes
Community Liaison, Parent Engagement
Student and Parent Support Programs

 510.723.3857 x34187

Denize Sanchez
Parent Ambassador Partnership Coordinator
Student and Parent Support Programs

 510.723.3857 x34198


Kristal Brister
Field Coordinator, AmeriCorps
 510.723.3857 x34188

Luz Canizalez
Sub Operations Supervisor, AmeriCorps

 510.723.3857 x34192 office
 510.935.1092 cell

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***The YEP Office will be closed on Fridays, beginning July 13, 2018 through Aug. 3, 2018.***


Welcome to the Hayward Unified School District’s Youth Enrichment Program (YEP). This program is sponsored by the After School Education and Safety (ASES), the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC), and 21st Century High School After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens Programs (ASSETs). We are very excited to have your child as a part of the program this school year. It is our hope that this will be a very positive and enjoyable experience for you and your child.

The Youth Enrichment Program (YEP) is a collaborative effort between the Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) and The City of Hayward. The Hayward Public Agency Liaison Committee originated the initial concept for the program in January 1996. There are 29 sites serving elementary, middle and high school students in the district. Last school year the programs served over 4,000 students from K thru 12th grade. The students participated in: educational, literacy, enrichment and recreational programs.

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Hayward Unified School District hereby formally notifies the local community of its intention to apply to the California Department of Education for the 21st Century After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens (ASSETS) Program grants for all HUSD high schools. Our application is due to the California Department of Education by December 2016. We also take this opportunity to inform private schools, faith based organizations, and community based organizations serving Hayward young people and families of our intent to provide safe, accessible academic, enrichment, and family literacy programs in the aforementioned schools. Parties interested in participating in our proposal are asked to contact Christy Gerren, Student and Parent Support Programs Director at or 510 723-3857 ext. 34190.

YEP Parent Manual

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For more information click here to go to our HUSD YEP Secondary webpage.

To register for Rising 7th Grade Students, click here.

To register for Rising 9th Grade Students, click here.

Para obtener más información, haga clic aquí para ir a nuestra página web secundaria de HUSD YEP.

Para registrarse en Rising 7th Grade Students, haga clic aquí.

Para inscribirse en Rising 9th Grade Students, haga clic aquí.

YEP Summer Camp 2018 Registration

- If you are a CURRENT or RETURNING parent/student, click here and enter your existing Username and Password.

- If you are a NEW enrolling parent / guardian, click here to create an account.

- After logging in or creating your account, click here to enroll in a summer session.

Registración Para el Programa de Campamento Verano 2018

- Si usted es un padre / estudiante ACTUAL o DE REGRESO, haga clic aquí e ingrese su nombre de usuario y contraseña existentes.

- Si usted es un NUEVO padre / tutor matriculante, haga clic aquí para crear una cuenta.

- Después de iniciar sesión o crear su cuenta, haga clic aquí para inscribirse en las sesiónes de verano.


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Legislative Update - September 2016

AB 1567 (Campos).  Gives first priority enrollment to pupils in after school programs who are identified by the program as homeless youth, as defined, and pupils who are identified by the program as being in foster care, and second priority enrollment, for programs serving middle and junior high school pupils, to pupils who attend the program daily.  Requires an after school program to inform the parent or caregiver of a pupil of the right of homeless children and foster children to receive priority enrollment and how to request priority enrollment-Approved by the governor.

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Youth Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Committee is to provide students in the Youth Enrichment Program (YEP) with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and use their voice as advocates for positive change. Under the guidance of a YEP staff member, Youth Advisory Committee students will work on a semester long project focused on making a recommendation for change in the Youth Enrichment Program. The program is for students in grade 5-12th grade and will begin the week of October 12, 2015 at all school sites. Please contact the YEP Operations Supervisor or Site Coordinator at your students school site for more information.

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