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CENTRALIZED ENROLLMENT Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA)

Student Transfers


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Please submit requests to CWA Office - 24823 Soto Rd. Rm P31

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Inter-District Transfers: Inter-District transfer permits are used to allow students attend school outside their district of residence (H.U.S.D. Board Policy 5117).  A transfer application must originate from the student’s district of residence. If approved by the resident district, the requested district may then consider it.  Once an Inter-District transfer has been approved by both districts, and the student is enrolled in school, the student shall not have to reapply for an Inter-District transfer except when transitioning from elementary to middle school or middle school to high school.  A school district of residence or a school district of enrollment shall not rescind existing inter district transfer permits for 11 or 12 grade students.  Requested district has the right to assign the student to any school in the district.  Inter-District transfers are approved based on district established criteria beginning on March each school year.


Criteria for Considering Inter-District Transfers


The Superintendent or designee may approve inter-district agreements for the following reasons:

Reason for Request

Documentation Required

Child Care

(K-6 Only)

  • Proof of employment of all parents/guardians who are involved in the student’s life on a day–to-day basis
    • Copy of a recent pay stub
    • Letter on the employer’s stationary verifying schedule (hours and days) and location of employment
    • If self-employed, letter stating schedule (hours and days) and location of employment
  • Letter from the adult, center, or organization providing day care
    • Name, address and contact information of the adult, center or organization
    • Child care license number and fees, if applicable
    • Hours of operation for the center or organization, or the hours that the student is under care
    • Length of time student has been under care by the adult, center or organization
  • Letter from parent/guardian explaining the circumstance that an interdistrict permit is necessary under child care reasons

Parent Employment

(If District of Attendance policy permits)

  • Proof of employment of all parents/guardians who are involved in the student’s life on a day–to-day basis
    • Copy of a recent pay stub
    • Letter on the employer’s stationary verifying schedule (hours and days) and location of employment
    • If self-employed, letter stating schedule (hours and days) and location of employment
  • Letter from parent/guardian explaining the circumstance that an interdistrict permit is necessary under parent employment reasons


  • Name, grade and school where the sibling attends (sibling must already attend the proposed District of Attendance)
  • Copy of sibling’s last report card
  • Copy of sibling’s release permit from the District of Residence

Health & Safety

  • Letter or report from a doctor, psychologist, or other appropriate person verifying health-related issues (if applicable)
  • Police or school report  supporting safety-related issues  (if applicable)
  • Letter from parent/guardian explaining the circumstance that an interdistrict permit is necessary under health and safety reasons

Specialized Program

  • Copy of the flyer, brochure, or other informational material detailing the specialized program in which the student is interested
  • Letter from parent/guardian expressing the extent of the student’s interest in the specialized program, and how the program is either unavailable or not comparable at the District of Residence

Continuing Enrollment

  • Copy of student’s last report card
  • Letter from parent/ guardian stating the enrollment history (grade and school/district) of the student since kindergarten

Final Year

  • Copy of student’s last report card

Change in Residence

  • Copy of escrow documents/ rental agreements




For  Interdistrict Transfer Application please click here: English   or  Spanish  








No currently enrolled student residing within a school's attendance area shall be displaced by another student transferring from outside the attendance area.  Residents within a schools attendance boundary have first priority to register during enrollment periods prior to students requesting transfer. 


The Board Policy and Administrative Regulations on Intra-district Open Enrollment may be found here.


The priorities for intra-district open enrollment transfer are summirezed below.


Students enrolled in a district school that has been identified on the state's Open Enrollment Act List


The Open Enrollment Act provides students enrolled in one of the California Dept. of Education identified 1,000 "low-achieving" schools, hereinafter referred to as "Open Enrollment" schools, the option to enroll in a different school with a higher Academic Performance Index (API) than the pupil's school of residence for the upcoming new school year. 


Transfers from a "Persistently Dangerous" School


Upon receipt of notification from the California Department of Education (CDE) that a district school has been designated as "persistently dangerous," the Superintendent or designee shall provide parents/guardians of students attending the school notice of the schools designation as “Persistently Dangerous” and of the option to transfer their student.   


Transfers for any student who is the victim of a violent crime while on school grounds (20USC7912)


Other Intra-district Open Enrollment


The district shall identify those schools which may have space available for additional students for the upcoming school year and establish a time period during which students may apply for transfer for the upcoming school year. A list of those schools will be available and open enrollment applications shall be available at each school site, the district office, and on the district's web site.

After the enrollment priorities have been applied in accordance with Board policy, if there are more Open Enrollment requests for a particular grade and or program at the requested school than there are spaces available, a random drawing (lottery) shall be held from the applicant pool.


A waiting list shall be established to indicate the order in which applicants may be accepted if/when openings occur.  The waiting list will be maintained until the end of the first grading period of the requested school.  


Students approved and enrolled through intra-district Open Enrollment shall continue to attend that school until they complete the highest grade of that school.  However, the student may be subject to displacement due to excessive enrollment of residents. 


When promoting to the next school level, from elementary to middle school, or middle to high school, students will automatically be assigned to their school of residence. 


Students receiving special education services may also utilize the open enrollment processes. However, approval of intra-district open enrollment placement requests must be consistent with the student’s I.E.P. and are subject to space and program availability.


Students enrolled in the approved transfer school are expected to complete the school year at the transfer school.  Students may attend their resident school for an upcoming school year as outlined in district residency policy. (AR 5111.1).  When parent/guardians request to move their student from the transfer school to the school of residence, they must go through the registration process to enroll their student into the new school. 


Special Circumstances Intra-District Transfer


The District promotes educational stability for students and discourages intra-district transfer during a school year.  However, the district recognizes that families face special circumstances during a school year whereby they may want their student to attend another school in the District.  Parent/guardians may request student intra-district/open enrollment transfer during a school year upon a finding that special circumstances exist that might be harmful, or dangerous to the student or cause serious hardship to the family if the student attends their resident school.  


Any complaints regarding the open enrollment process shall be submitted in accordance with the applicable complaint procedure.


For  Intra-District Transfer Application please click here