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YEP PM Programs

After School Sites

Today YEP! is located at 29 Hayward public schools (elementary, middle, and high - see list of participating schools below). The program is free of charge with a yearly registration fee.  It is open to all students who attend participating schools.

During the academic year, YEP! activities are held after school Monday through Friday until 6pm. YEP! is also in operation during the summer vacation. More than 8,000 children have benefited from YEP! programs over the past ten years.

The program is staffed by fully qualified No Child Left Behind site coordinators, and program leaders.  YEP! staff rely on the talents of dozens of community volunteers who bring their unique talents and experiences to the program.

Elementary Sites

For a detailed schedule, please click here.

School Site

Mon-Fri Wednesday

Site Leaders

Cell Numbers


2:55-6:00 1:15-6:00  Xia Camilee (510)-935-1064


2:45-6:00 12:35-6:00

Alex Padilla



2:45-6:00 1:00-6:00

Hector Torres


East Avenue

3:05-6:00 12:40-6:00 

Erin Morgado


Eden Gardens

2:30-6:00 12:30-6:00

Donnie Evans







2:50-6:00  1:25-6:00 Dominique Pettaway (510)-935-1072


3:15-6:00  1:00-6:00

Carmen Garcia



2:45-6:00 12:55-6:00 Annette Gaspar (510)-935-1075


2:45-6:00  12:35-6:00

Eric Jackson


Lorin Eden

2:45-6:00 1:10-6:00

Stacy Mello


Faith Ringgold

3:00-6:00 1:20-6:00 Mojtaba Dadras (510)-935-1073

Palma Ceia

2:30-6:00 12:10-6:00 Jaime Duenas (510)-935-1078


2:30-6:00 12:20-6:00

Michelle Gundred



2:45-6:00 12:35-6:00 William Reliford (510)-935-1085

Schafer Park

2:50-6:00 1:10-6:00

Jasmin Estrada



2:45-6:00  1:10-6:00 Nicholette Alcala-Mosley (510)-935-1087


2:45-6:00 1:00-6:00 Tim Romano-Pugh  (510)-935-1088


3:00-6:00  1:00-6:00 Lynda Tran (510)-935-1089


2:35-6:00 12:35-6:00 Patricia Alcala (510)-935-1100


2:45-6:00  12:30-6:00 Monda Abaskrohn (510)-935-1101


Website Header.jpg

Program Overview

Youth Enrichment Programs operates three Out of School Time (OST) High School Programs within the City of Hayward. These programs offer more expansive opportunities for students in grade 9th-12th to enhance their 21st Century skills, explore post-secondary educational opportunities and broaden their life experiences. Along with academic support (which includes credit recovery and grade enhancement), these programs provide a vast range of enrichment activities from fitness workshops to cooking classes coupled with job training, volunteer placement and post-secondary exploration. Allowing a secure environment for students to explore their interests, these high school programs seek to increase students attendance, graduation rates, boost academic performance, and provide occasions to develop new skills. Please see the YEP Secondary Programs page for a breakdown of Fall 2015 programs!

School Site  Mon,Tues&Fri  Wed/Thurs  Site Coordinator Cell Number
Hayward High  3:30-6:00

 2:36-6:00 / 1:00-6:00

Catherine Payne (510) 935-1107

Mt. Eden High

 3:14-6:00  2:24-6:00 / 12:25-6:00 Tiffany Seals (510) 935-1108

Tennyson High 

 3:27-6:00  2:24-6:00 / 12:59-6:00  Khadijah Abdullhaqq (510) 935-1109


 mid flyer.JPG

School Site



Operation Supervisors


Cell number

Bret Harte MS

3:15-6:00 1:00-6:00

Denita Taylor


Chavez MS

2:50-6:00 12:50-6:00 Qa'id Aqeel (510)-935-1104

ML King MS

3:04-6:00 12:50-6:00

Ricardo Padilla  


Ochoa MS



Paula Taper


Winton MS



William Gracia (510)-935-1106


Late Student Arrival Policy

To ensure the safety of our students, the Youth Enrichment Program has a late student arrival policy. Students must arrive and sign into YEP within 5 minutes of school dismissal.  When YEP is unable to locate a student, we will follow the YEP protocol described below:

  • The Site Coordinator will complete a school all call while checking all school resources;
  • If there is no student response, the Site Coordinator will contact parent/guardians and all emergency contacts;
  • If student is not located, the Site Coordinator will notify the Hayward Police Department.

Upon the first incident, the student will be suspended from the program and may return after a meeting with the Site Coordinator and the Operations Supervisor. The student may be removed from the program after the first incident. Upon the second incident, the student will be removed from the program.

YEP staff must be notified if your student(s) are not attending YEP for that day. 

Política de Llegar Tarde

 Para garantizar la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes, el Programa de Enriquecimiento Juvenil tiene una política de llegar tarde. Los estudiantes deben llegar y firmar en YEP dentro de cinco minutos después de salir de su última clase. En caso de que el personal de YEP no pueda localizar a algún estudiante, seguiremos estos pasos:

  • El coordinador del programa de la escuela hará una llamada a través de la escuela, aprovechando los recursos disponibles; y
  • Si no hay una respuesta del estudiante, el coordinador del programa contactará al padre/madre/tutor y todo contacto de emergencia;
  • Si no localizan al estudiante, el coordinador de la escuela notificará al Departamento de Policía de Hayward.

Después del primer incidente, el estudiante será suspendido del programa y podrá regresar después de reunirse con el coordinador del programa de la escuela y el gerente de operaciones.  Después del segundo incidente, al estudiante se le dará de baja del programa.

YEP debe recibir notificación si su(s) hijo(s) no va(n) a asistir a YEP ese día.  



Elementary School 

$200 per student per year

Discounts may apply, please check with the YEP Office

Middle School

No Registration Fee

High School

No Registration Fee